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The Cowboy Steak is a delcious ribeye steak, with the bone still intact. This 900g chunk is a much thicker cut than a typical steak too, as it's meant for 2 or more people. Leave a little more room for error on the cooking!..
Beef Fillet (For Beef Wellington) - choose your preffered weight for the right amount of people...
1KG of Short Rib Of Beef, or Beef Short Rib.Perfectly soft and flavoursome meat when cooked for long.Usually you would give them a bit of colour in the pan, and then into the slow cooker/oven on a low heat for 4 hours...
1kg joint of delicious Brisket. Best prepared with our Grodon Rhodes sauce mix. You can add the sauce mix directly in the options. You can check out the product here.Find Gordon's Brisket recipe here.1kg is suitable for about 4 people...
1kg of our delicious Ox Tails, perfect for a warming stew. If you're stuck for ideas, try this Jamie Oliver recipe here...
Ox Tongues, choose whether you'd like them cured or fresh...
Prime Irish Rib beef on Bone, starting from 1kg, choose up to 3 kg...
Well Trimmed Chuck/Rib Steak Pieces 800gIf you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at this Steak & Stout Pie recipe by the BBC...
Short Rib Chuck & Jalapeno Burgers x2
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4 generous fillets of delicious sirloin, perfect for steak sandwiches, or served alongside some homemade chips! Min weight 400g...
Striploin Roast SPECIAL
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Beautiful Striploin roast Beef joint... Currently 30% OFF1 Kg - should be enough for 4 adults1.5 Kg - 6 adults2 Kg - 8 adultsIf you're unsure of timing - you can use these times below as a general guide...Rare20 - 25 mins per KG (internal temp 50°C - 55°C)  Medium 32 mins per KG (internal temp ..
A STUNNING Tomahawk steak, suitable for 2 - 3 adults, cook it how you like!..
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Top rib roasting joint. Starting from 1kg, you can choose larger cuts suited to how many people the joint is for...
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