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From 8 oz Create Your Own
Create Your Own Rib-Eye Steak! Choose what you like in a steak and we'll make it to order!..
Short Rib Chuck & Jalapeno Burgers x2
Special Offer
4 generous fillets of delicious sirloin, perfect for steak sandwiches, or served alongside some homemade chips!..
In favour of the popular smokehouse flavour trend, we have created an artisanal blend that brings these mouthwatering smoky flavours into your own kitchen. By combining the complementary flavours of garlic, paprika, cumin and coriander with our home-smoked salt using real wood chips, our blend rises..
Southern Fried Chicken Supreme With Pepper Sauce x2
4 For €20
2 skin on chicken breasts ready for cooking, prepared in our southern fried crumb...
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